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Maximizing Your Recovery By Choosing a Detail-Oriented Car Accident Lawyer in Fort Worth

Sep 27

At Stoy Law Group, PLLC Fort Worth, TX, we understand how overwhelming car accident cases can be and how crucial it is for you to seek compensation. That’s why we take an individualized approach for every case and help clients every step of the way.

Our car accident lawyer in Fort Worth pays attention to detail to ensure that all aspects of your case are considered. We achieve this by collecting every piece of evidence that could deem useful in building your case. Some of the evidence we use to fight for your best interests include:

Physical Evidence

Our accident attorneys in Fort Worth often use physical evidence from the accident scene to prove negligence. For example, it could be a dent resulting from a car collision or torn and bloody clothing.

Photos and Videos

Photographs and videos from the accident scene also help us to identify the at-fault party. We take as many photos as possible from different angles and distances in this case in Accident Attorney Fort Worth. Every picture or video will be vital in building your case and giving us the grounds to seek maximum compensation.

Police Reports

Accident Attorney Fort Worth does not skip on obtaining police reports when it comes to handling a car accident case. Police officers are most likely to be the first to respond to an accident, so they are likely to have firsthand details. This is mainly on when the accident occurred, the weather conditions, the parties involved, and other details surrounding the incident. We scrutinize the details for accuracy to avoid inconveniences down the road.

Medical Evidence

Accident Lawyer Fort Worth encourage our clients to seek medical attention regardless of how minor the accident might seem. It allows medical practitioners to document injuries sustained and medical expenses required for complete recovery. This information is crucial to getting the compensation you deserve for current and future medical bills.

Independent Witnesses

We take the time to interview witnesses who saw the accident happen. Also, family members and coworkers can comment on the extent of your injuries and how they affect your ability to work.

Expert Witnesses

At Stoy Law Group, we have built a network of expert witnesses who can ascertain specific aspects of your case. For instance, we work with accident reconstruction experts to determine how the accident happened and how it could have been prevented. Their testimonies are persuasive in arguing your case.

Stoy Law Group, PLLC Fort Worth  Injury Lawyer is the one-stop solution for legal representation after being involved in a car accident. We work on a contingency payment basis, so do not hesitate to contact us for a free case evaluation.

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