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Liberty Mortgage Company Continues to Support the St. Louis Community

May 26

In addition to providing insurance, Liberty St. Louis Home Loans offers monetary donations to organizations in need. Recently, the company donated money to KW Cares, a nonprofit charity group that helps people with natural disasters and emergency situations. The organization also acquired federal tax-exempt status.

A total of three organizations benefit from KW Cares. The first is Homes for Our Troops, which donates homes to veterans. This group was created shortly after 9/11, when many people joined the military. The second charity is Ryan’s Well, which provides access to clean water in countries in need. The final beneficiary is the MD Anderson Cancer Center which treats cancer patients with treatments that require cutting-edge technology.

The IRS only gives a 503 status to groups that are trustworthy. The groups must also be doing something positive to earn the tax break. By extension, donations by KW Cares and Liberty Lending St. Louis mortgage companies are tax-deductible, so contributors can benefit when they support these charities. The two companies, Liberty Lending St. Louis Mortgage and Keller Willams, have been very successful after they decided to collaborate.

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